Untitled By Purnendu Das

Untitled by Purnendu Das


The adage “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” was never truer than for the world of paintings. Every art lover has a unique way and sense of appreciating a painting.

The artistic use of colours is what attracts some to a painting, while for some it is the story that a picture conveys. Sometimes we seek a work of art because of a specific reason, like to compliment your walls or a decoration theme; while once in a while we buy a painting to augment our collection. Your reasons and needs to buy a painting are varied, and so is our collection of paintings.

We would like to introduce you to India Art Village-your window to the world of paintings. Choose from India’s largest collection of over 1500 paintings, from over 130 artists!

If you wish to become part of this community, please register here.

If you would like assistance in finding a painting of your choice or for giving feedback, please email us at contact@indiaartvillage.comor call us Toll Free 1800-102-4151.

India Art Village

About www.indiaartvillage.com

We are a company formed by enthusiasts & specialists in the art & internet domain. Through IndiaArtVillage.com we have created an online art gallery of paintings from renowned & upcoming Indian artists, and patrons can purchase the same directly from the site. Our collection comprises of more than 1500 paintings from our panel of over 30 artists on a wide variety of mediums & topics - Oil, Water colour, Landscapes, Figurative & Abstracts. Our mission is 'Making Art Accessible' for all - by offering a platform for artists & art lovers to connect, & by offering a wide price range and ease of purchase on our site.
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  1. Leela says:

    Beautiful handmade works of art- Especially love the landscape oil paintings on canvas, will keeping watching to see what comes next!

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