India Art Village has a new look!


We are happy to launch our new website.
With the following objectives in mind we set to the task of redesigning the India Art Village website for art lovers –

  1. Enhanced browsing experience
  2. Enriched content
  3. Easy account creation for :

             – Creating a gallery of your favourite paintings
             – Smoother check-out/purchase

We hope you will enjoy our work of labour & share your feedback with us!

India Art Village


We are a company formed by enthusiasts & specialists in the art & internet domain. Through we have created an online art gallery of paintings from renowned & upcoming Indian artists, and patrons can purchase the same directly from the site. Our collection comprises of more than 1500 paintings from our panel of over 30 artists on a wide variety of mediums & topics - Oil, Water colour, Landscapes, Figurative & Abstracts. Our mission is 'Making Art Accessible' for all - by offering a platform for artists & art lovers to connect, & by offering a wide price range and ease of purchase on our site.
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