What Size Painting to Buy?

Small is the New Big

Small Paintings Arranged on a Wall

Among various questions which come across someone’s mind while buying art, the size of painting is a very common query.

Is less than a full sheet (2*2.5 ft) too small a size to get noticed?
Should I look at covering 30% or 40% of the available wall?

One Large or Many Small: We all wish to own large pieces of art at the cheapest price imaginable. A few thoughts to keep in mind when deciding on what size of art to buy – bear in mind the area available to hang the picture when making a decision on what size of painting to buy. If you have a large room with a large wall on which to hang the painting a large painting is well worth considering, but if you have a large wall in a small room, it may not be the right decision to buy a large painting as there may not be enough space in the room to get a true appreciation of its artistic value.

Budget V/s Size: Unless you have a large house with many rooms and large expanses of walls, its best to start small. Let me expand on the joys of buying small! Now you can define what your measure of small is …and how it fits your pocket :)! The advantage of buying small is that it allows you to indulge this passion (and let me warn you that it truly does become a passion) for a very long time! A wall of many different paintings, of course they must be well arranged and complement each other, adds so much character to a room. You or your visitors can spend hours gazing at the different works, the eyes flitting from painting to painting, learning more and more about each work, discovering hidden nuances that you didn’t notice at first glance. Small paintings have a charm of their own … it’s great discovering them in little nooks and corners of a home!

They are also easy on the pocket and make delightful gifts for any occasion. You can never have too many. Arrange them vertically on a narrow wall … or framed and aligned horizontally along a wall or even in ascending order at every other step as a staircase makes its way upstairs …the options are as many and as varied as your imagination …singly or in groups the make a statement. Small definitely can become the new Big!

About www.indiaartvillage.com

We are a company formed by enthusiasts & specialists in the art & internet domain. Through IndiaArtVillage.com we have created an online art gallery of paintings from renowned & upcoming Indian artists, and patrons can purchase the same directly from the site. Our collection comprises of more than 1500 paintings from our panel of over 30 artists on a wide variety of mediums & topics - Oil, Water colour, Landscapes, Figurative & Abstracts. Our mission is 'Making Art Accessible' for all - by offering a platform for artists & art lovers to connect, & by offering a wide price range and ease of purchase on our site.
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2 Responses to What Size Painting to Buy?

  1. Preeti says:

    Begin with one small painting and then let it grow …like a Work in Progress …art out of art?

  2. Pooja says:

    Yes very interesting approach, i have actually done it twice myself …..

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