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We are a company formed by enthusiasts & specialists in the art & internet domain. Through we have created an online art gallery of paintings from renowned & upcoming Indian artists, and patrons can purchase the same directly from the site. Our collection comprises of more than 1500 paintings from our panel of over 30 artists on a wide variety of mediums & topics - Oil, Water colour, Landscapes, Figurative & Abstracts. Our mission is 'Making Art Accessible' for all - by offering a platform for artists & art lovers to connect, & by offering a wide price range and ease of purchase on our site.

Sanjana’s Story

She traced her fingers over the newly polished dining table and smiled at the flower arrangement on the centre piece. It looked beautiful. It looked complete -pretty much like how she felt. Sanjana Rao, 38, had completed her fifth interior … Continue reading

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Why Buy Art?

Diary of a Minor Art Collector: No Aspirations Although the walls of my house are tastefully adorned by paintings, pictures and some Art and though I look upon them with great love and appreciation, I have a confession. Any aspirations … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Your Paintings

Age Must Not Wither Them Indian artists are getting their share of fame and famous Indian paintings are selling for unbelievable prices. On a less commercial note, people are increasingly looking at Art and paintings in particular to enhance their … Continue reading

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Surrounded by Beauty

Beauty in the Mundane Have you ever seen art students at a tourist site? There they sit, diligently drawing what everyone else is looking at. So, why are so many people keen on seeing what they draw? There is something … Continue reading

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Appreciating Watercolours

Appreciating Watercolours Watercolour painting is both an exacting and suggestive art. By definition, a watercolour is both a medium and the finished artwork. As a medium, it refers to a paint that is water soluble with one of its key … Continue reading

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What Size Painting to Buy?

Small is the New Big Among various questions which come across someone’s mind while buying art, the size of painting is a very common query. Is less than a full sheet (2*2.5 ft) too small a size to get noticed? Should … Continue reading

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Art is Always Big

Investing in Art There is a lot of money floating in the market and prices for art are going sky high. Big investors always circle the waters, hoping for a kill. In this situation, with large auction houses like Christies … Continue reading

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