Buy Cheap …Sell Big!

Buy Cheap …Sell Big!
Easy advice …but you got to buy the ticket to win the Lottery!
Vincent Van Gogh is a vivid example of the quintessential painter- talented, tormented, struggling with his work and unappreciated in his time. Even when he was most confident about the value of his art as Art, Van Gogh had little faith in his appeal to a larger audience. He felt his paintings would be appreciated by those urban people who “retain unfading impressions of the country, and remain all their lives homesick for the fields and peasants.” As he said “…what I do is not saleable … but it can be sold to people who buy things because there is nature in them.” Elsewhere, he complained about the tight-fistedness of ordinary art lovers and that he would have to work cheaply for a wider audience. Very ironic indeed for a painter whose Irises sold for £ 27 million in 1987 and whose work enjoys universal recognition and appreciation. The story of Vincent Van Gogh is the most well known, but in different ways; the story is retold whenever we talk of successful painters and their path to fame. M.F. Husain, our famous barefoot painter and his beginning as a painter of film posters is a case in point. Even India’s premier, abstract painter Jehangir Sabavala, recalls his days of struggle and is amazed that art prices have risen beyond recognition. While we feel for their pain, what the investor in Art would really like is to meet up with his or her own Vincent Van Gogh – undervalued when it comes to buying but with the potential to sell big.

–Teresa Barat

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Art is more Accessible with


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Taking Care of Your Paintings (Part I)

Age Must Not Wither Them
– Taking Care of Your Paintings (Part I)

Untitled by Aparup Mukherjee

Untitled by Aparup Mukherjee

Indian artists are getting their share of fame and famous Indian paintings are selling for unbelievable prices. On a less commercial note, people are increasingly looking Age Must Not Wither ThemArt and paintings in particular to enhance their décor or to make a statement about who they are or what they like. Whether you buy art for love of paintings or as an investment, i.e. whether your motivation is love or money, you need to look after these valuable pieces.

To understand how to look after a painting, you need to understand what a painting is: a piece of the artist’s soul, an expression of an artist’s feelings, hopes and sufferings. Yes, yes, very true, but on a more practical note, a painting is made up of two parts: the support layer and the image layer. The support layer relates to the canvas or paper that the painting is on plus the supporting frame or stretcher. The image layer relates to “such stuff as dreams are made of” – the painting itself. Artists may use primer and then the paint, which may be oil or water based. Sometimes oil paintings may be varnished to protect the painting or to saturate the colours. The image you see when you look at a painting is an interaction of all these layers. All the layers change and deteriorate and take on different physical characteristics over time – varnish oxidizes with light and air, turning yellow or brown, paint may become brittle, paper may get attacked by insects, in damp environments canvas could grow mildew. Four factors that most affect the health of your painting are temperature, relative humidity, light (i.e. visible light and ultra-violet radiation) and pollution.

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A Truly Lovable God

A Truly Lovable God

Ganesha by S. Gopal

Untitled by S. Gopal

He truly is gana+pati … the ruler of multitudes. With his elephant head and his protruding belly. He is the best known and most widely worshipped God of the Hindu pantheon. He is also the most popular God represented in Indian paintings, both ancient and contemporary. He is the remover of obstacles, the lord of learning and letters and his love for modak (a yummy sweet meat comprising a rice pastry stuffed with coconut and jaggery)…what’s not to love?!

This non- sectarian God is depicted in so many different forms crawling as a baby, standing, seated, reading a book, writing, dancing, playing musical instruments, reclining – the representations of this god are innumerable. And artists down the ages – painters, sculptors, muralists have chosen their own unique interpretations to depict this lovable diety. has a novel collection of artworks depicting Ganesh that are attractive and won’t pinch your pocket. Browse our gallery of Ganeshas and choose your favourite!

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Indian Art over the Ages – Part I

Indian Art over the Ages

India has a rich tradition of tribal, religious and folk art, artists in India in the early years of the last century  followed western traditions of painting realistic landscapes and portraits. Artists like Raja Ravi Verma and Vasudeo Pandya. It was a group of artists, ‘Progressive Artists’ Group’, in the 1940’s-50’s comprising FN Souza, SH Raza, MF Husain, and VS Gaitonde, among others  who consciously worked to create an art tradition reflective of avant-garde India and the modern times. In the east, Abanindranath Tagore took up the cause of establishing and supporting ‘Indian Paintings’ inspired by the Mughal and Rajput styles of art. Beginning from here and slowly picking up in momentum, the perception of change has widened today to include anything from pretty pictures to the latest developments in the west, which concentrate a lot on installations and proactive art.

Indian art has arrived on the very fringes of international consciousness. The talent and history of Indian art is a reality, but it has not even touched the levels of more oriental appreciation (as in East Asian, e.g. Chinese, Indonesian, etc.). Internet has the ability to reach out to a wider audience, across India and the world. It’s becoming the preferred medium to acquire and disseminate information to the world and could definitely promote the cause of Indian art.

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India Art Village has a new look!


We are happy to launch our new website.
With the following objectives in mind we set to the task of redesigning the India Art Village website for art lovers –

  1. Enhanced browsing experience
  2. Enriched content
  3. Easy account creation for :

             – Creating a gallery of your favourite paintings
             – Smoother check-out/purchase

We hope you will enjoy our work of labour & share your feedback with us!

India Art Village

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India Art Village has a new logo!

Hi, We are unveiling our new logo today….. We have infused it with new hues & also emphasised our mission, which is to ‘Making Art Affordable’.

Cheers! Ragini, India Art Village

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