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Sanjana’s Story

She traced her fingers over the newly polished dining table and smiled at the flower arrangement on the centre piece. It looked beautiful. It looked complete -pretty much like how she felt. Sanjana Rao, 38, had completed her fifth interior … Continue reading

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Why Buy Art?

Diary of a Minor Art Collector: No Aspirations Although the walls of my house are tastefully adorned by paintings, pictures and some Art and though I look upon them with great love and appreciation, I have a confession. Any aspirations … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Your Paintings

Age Must Not Wither Them Indian artists are getting their share of fame and famous Indian paintings are selling for unbelievable prices. On a less commercial note, people are increasingly looking at Art and paintings in particular to enhance their … Continue reading

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Appreciating Watercolours

Appreciating Watercolours Watercolour painting is both an exacting and suggestive art. By definition, a watercolour is both a medium and the finished artwork. As a medium, it refers to a paint that is water soluble with one of its key … Continue reading

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Buy Cheap …Sell Big!

Buy Cheap …Sell Big! Easy advice …but you got to buy the ticket to win the Lottery! Vincent Van Gogh is a vivid example of the quintessential painter- talented, tormented, struggling with his work and unappreciated in his time. Even … Continue reading

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